About us

Insight Marketing provides its services to clients from a wide range of industries, assisting them in their efforts to differntiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. From public to private companies, high-tech and clean-tech to creative ventures, Insight Marketing has continuously helped companies with their marketing requirements.

Adamind Inc.(LSE: ADA)is a provider of software that enables mobile multimedia content and converged communications services. The company addresses the interoperability challenge that exists between different mobile devices to receive and process media rich content.For more information, visit www.adamind.com

Axxana was co-founded based on unique innovation by veterans of the storage industry in order to address the number one challenge in data protection; recovering data at any distance with zero data loss. Axxana provides a compelling and ingenious solution that is set to change the face of Disaster Recovery. For more information, visit www.axxana.com

Cedar Design Group (CDG) has developed a next generation gaming platform that merges collectible card games and strategic games with an arcade like feeling, enhancing player interaction and creating a new game medium – Interactive Collectible Card Game. For more information, visit www.cedardg.com  

Clarizen is a leading global provider of collaborative online project management software that allows businesses to easily manage all of their projects and resources in a single environment. For more information, visit www.clarizen.com

ConTrust offers a technologically advanced and cohesive Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to media platforms, enabling them to moderate content in real-time according to platform values, mitigate threats and risks and thus realize their full business potential. For more information, visit www.con-trust.com

Dblur Technologies Ltd. was established in 2000 with the aim of breaking through the limitations of camera design imposed by the laws of optics to produce a higher quality camera for cell phone and general imaging applications. For more information, visit www.dblur.com

EDM Scout is a leading edge solution for Internet-based intelligence.The service is aimed at enabling you to continuously monitor your confidential information on the net, while monitoring content changes in relation to your suppliers/clients/competitors and so much more. For more information, visit www.edm-scout.com

ESP (Electronic Security Products) Inc. is an internationally recognized leader in the development, manufacture and supply of high quality miniaturized video surveillance body wear and equipment. For more information, visit www.espinc.com

ExperiMind is an innovative venture that provides a creative solution to the realm of clinical trials. ExperiMind has developed a unique statistical application for clinical trial analysis using data mining and machine learning techniques that elevates adaptive clinical trial design to a new level. For more information, visit www.experimind.com

A pioneer in Israel's venture capital industry, Gemini Israel Funds has grown to be the leading Israeli seed and early stage fund in the Information Technology arena. The firm manages $550 million in four funds. Investments are focused on the areas of Communications and Wireless Technologies, Enterprise Software, Internet, Consumer Electronics and Semiconductors, and Greentech. For more information, visit www.gemini.co.il

Heart Trends is an accurate, non-invasive tool that identifies heart disease and performs risk stratification quickly and cost effectively. Comprised of a sophisticated Holter-like recording device and advanced proprietary analysis software, Heart Trends efficiently determines the presence or absence of heart disease within hours. For more information, visit www.hearttrends.com

Infinity is a leading Israeli-Chinese equity fund managing over $500M since 1993. Our focus lies in leveraging our combined expertise and experience to make sound investments in companies that show great potential for growth. For more information, visit www.infinity-vc.com

MTeye Security designs, develops and markets state-of-the-art wireless video surveillance solutions for the security, cellular communications and homeland security & surveillance industries worldwide. For more information, visit www.mteye.co.il

MobileMax (TASE: MBMX), develops and licenses patent-pending Unified Communication (UC) solutions and Mobile Least Cost Routing (LCR) technology to service providers, carriers and IP/PBX providers. For more information, visit www.mobile-mx.com

Mobixell Networks develops and delivers innovative mobile multimedia, video and advertising solutions to the dynamic world of mobile telecommunications. For more information, visit www.mobixell.com

Ornim, Inc. is developing innovative solutions for non-invasive monitoring of vital signs of vital organs. Its breakthrough technology enables localized and quantitative measurements of physiological parameters within specific tissue regions. For more information, visit www.ornim.com

Platinum Sky provides a full spectrum of private air charter services. We can arrange not only your air travel in wide variety of executive aircraft but also ground transportation. We are committed to providing you with an experience in private air charters flights that is above and beyond your expectations. For more information, visit www.platinumsky.aero

Redmatch International is a leading provider of recruiting systems containing the unique Redmatch matching technology that significantly shortens the recruiting process and improves the quality of hiring. For more information, visit www.redmatch.com

Scent Detection Technologies is engaged in the research, design, development and manufacture of trace detection products that can detect and identify a wide range of explosives and narcotics, chemical and biological agents. For more information, visit www.scent-tech.com

WebTView provides an end-to-end software platform that bypasses the PC and seamlessly delivers a multitude of real high quality Internet TV, video and music channels directly to the end user’s TV and mobile devices. For more information, visit www.webtview.com

Xpanity ChatPanel™ is a real-time chat add-on you can open alongside any page you visit. Xpanity's innovative new technology allows you to find like-minded people surfing the web, and provides links to additional content that's relevant to what's currently being viewed. For more information, visit www.xpanity.com